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Warrior Cat Name Generator
AnimalLover09 (6)

Warrior Cat Fans Only!

Generate your Warrior Cat name!!!

bookieboom (9)

i like it :D I'm a warrior fan
maybe you should add more suffixes lol
a lot more

'wind','light','breeze','claw','pelt','fur','tail','muzzle','heart','blaze','step','foot','storm','flower','cloud','frost','bush','moon','stream','wing','feather','flight','sight','stripe','tooth','eye','nose','leaf','fern','branch','dapple','shadow','shade','fang','whisker','splash','petal','fall','flame','fire','spring','lake','sun','nose','sky','fish','strike','spot','water', 'flake', 'blossom', 'bird', 'berry', 'fern', 'hawk', 'poppy', 'speckle', 'stem', 'stone', 'swoop', 'tuft', 'song', 'dust','face', 'pool','shimmer'

are some that i got

AnimalLover09 (6)

@bookieboom Thanks! Anyway, I update my projects every day.

AnimalLover09 (6)

@bookieboom Some names are kinda awkward, e.g. Lionbird

AnimalLover09 (6)

@bookieboom I will improve :)
I'm not so good at programming yet