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Wanna help spam some scammers?
rafrafraf (1392)

Lets annoy some scammers that made a fake banking site

Recently I received a message from a random number claiming that a payment was attempted from a new device.

Obviously this wasnt true as the bank they were claiming to be wasnt even mine but i did ensure that it is a scam website before making this.

So I made this website which lets you send in fake details to the scam bank site. This means that when they go through the data they will have to spend much more time with fake user information.

You can enter fake details of your own or use my randomly generated ones :)

I *could* leave it running on loop.. But wheres the fun in that?

every little helps.. piss off a scammer

EDIT: With the help of everyone here we are (probably) the reason the scam site is down! good job guys :)

inyourface3445 (37)

auto clicker

javascript:var DELAY = 0.5;var autoClickerStyleElement = document.createElement("style");autoClickerStyleElement.innerHTML="*{cursor: crosshair !important;}";document.body.appendChild(autoClickerStyleElement);function addClicker(e) {if(!e.isTrusted) {return;}if("auto-clicker-target")) {"auto-clicker-target");} else {"auto-clicker-target");}document.body.removeChild(autoClickerStyleElement);document.body.removeEventListener("click", addClicker);e.preventDefault();autoClick(;}function autoClick(element) {if(element.classList.contains("auto-clicker-target")) {;setTimeout(function(){ autoClick(element); }, DELAY);}}document.body.addEventListener("click", addClicker, 0);

highest is 1000 cps
fake users sent in: 8198 and rapidly rising

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lmao why so much, you could do this in the code below
legit just type it in the console
also this one goes hella fast



ObiVibKenobi (170)

:D >:) I will set it to 1... 1000 per second :o @BobTheTomatoPie


h o w t o y e e t u s t h e f e t u s i n j s

inyourface3445 (37)

@LeoXu2 It is a bookmarklet. you're supposed to put it in a bookmarklet like this:
1. ctrl (or command) +d
2. chrome: click more
3. paste in the code that i gave you

RileyMears (10)

@inyourface3445 where do i put this code though?

RileyMears (10)

@inyourface3445 does it not work on Chrome OS?

inyourface3445 (37)

@RileyMears yes it does. the first time i used it was on chrome os

RileyMears (10)

@inyourface3445 hmm the tab just gets stuck loading do i need linux mode on?

inyourface3445 (37)

@RileyMears no, you are clicking to fast or the website cant handle it. works well on cookie clicker tho

RileyMears (10)

@inyourface3445 no the autoclicker doesnt work in general

inyourface3445 (37)

@RileyMears it works for me. chrome os chromebook levono 100e chrome version: 87.0.4280.142


ObiVibKenobi (170)

I saw KatelinWest and I thought it was KanyeWest [Auto generated], and also DJTrump @AJDevelopment

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

Guys, what if we actually made the spammers day with usernames like "YouMatter!" and "YourAmazing!", that would be way more wholesome than bullying them

rafrafraf (1392)

@TsunamiOrSumth hahaha thats amazing dude you should submit some positive reinforcement

ch1ck3n (2078)

but what if the program actually randomly generates the true IP and true name and true password? (very low odds btw)

rafrafraf (1392)

@ch1ck3n well i highly doubt that lol

ObiVibKenobi (170)

What if it generates a real IP though? That’s not tooo unlikely @rafrafraf

XanderK20 (9)

@ObiVibKenobi It definetly could, But the chances of it also getting real bank info are much lower.

epicman702 (506)

They should make this an art

elipie (353)

theyll love that one

That is literally my friends first and last name.... uhmmmmm....

elipie (353)

@rafrafraf not joking, literally his name:
Alexander Gutmann lol

firefish (948)

@elipie I put my fake IP as That should do the trick.

Aayan11 (6)

@rafrafraf I pressed the button first and pressed and holded ENTER which still gives the info to the banks haha

jagnar (4)

This is geneous, We HATE spamsers to

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

I must spam
They call my phone 24/7 so I consider this as some payback
Thanks for making this
My upvote is yours

rafrafraf (1392)

@DarkswordsmanJG ahahaha no problem man glad you like it

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

LOL You took it down. Nice job. The FBI should hire you to catch spammers and take them down.

Isah0w0 (9)

@qwertyuiop1111 you are abstolutely right sir.

LeoXu2 (41)


mollthecoder (37)

The server probably exploded with all this spam

mesquite2234 (278)

Someones spamming "iEatFarts"

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

This is a DDOS attack, be careful lol. Don't do anything bad with it.

HahaYes (1864)

100k+ fake users you guys legit have too much time on your hands haha

TheWalrus314 (5)

look closely and it says playminecraft

RhinoRunner (866)

3 things:
1. this is so cool! the world needs more people like you
2. got an error. Still works, but idk

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 2, in <module>
    from flask_socketio import SocketIO, emit
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'flask_socketio'

and 3. i saw this in the code... haha (base.hmtl line 91)

rafrafraf (1392)

@RhinoRunner ahaha thanks dude and yeah im working on it but my repls bugged i think

RhinoRunner (866)

@rafrafraf ok. and why the console.log('fuck')?

rafrafraf (1392)

@RhinoRunner i usually put those kinda logs in testing and just forgot to take it out lmao

RhinoRunner (866)

@rafrafraf lol.
its big brain time

so I found this click speed thingy
and I was thinking
if I can click 60 times in 5 seconds (thats my record)

then that means I can click ~720 times a minute.
factoring in my fingers getting sore, it goes to about 400
the scammers can maybe go through 1-5 accounts per minute (depending on how they do it)
by creating this repl, you have basically screwed them.
heres the site btw

rafrafraf (1392)

@RhinoRunner omg thats amazing ahahaha youve just given me an idea actually, im going to make a lil function that displays your clicking speed thanks man!

RhinoRunner (866)

@rafrafraf can i see the scammer website?

rafrafraf (1392)

@RhinoRunner go to console i logged the url

RhinoRunner (866)

@rafrafraf The terminal is blocked up by the error. I did see the console.log() and went to the site, but some sort of warning thing prevented me from going there.

rafrafraf (1392)

@RhinoRunner the scammers likely took down the site but because im sending the data to their server directly we can still keep spamming :)

rafrafraf (1392)

@PyCoder01 cos if that log code line ran it would mean there was an error lmao


@rafrafraf me when i spend 5 hours programming in c and it fails for no reason:

RahulChoubey1 (173)

@RhinoRunner I'm such a noob.

I got octopus

RhinoRunner (866)

@RahulChoubey1 well thats the 2nd best one...

RahulChoubey1 (173)

@RhinoRunner Nope. Third and second-worst.

6JAppleby (15)

Lmao this is so good! Thanks so much, you're doing something good. Vigilante work!

alanchen12 (32)


the power of an autoclicker and a macro

jeremykyleisgod (46)

got my first scam message and was tempted to make the password IHateScammers123

Anthony1111 (1)

i made it go to 255666