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TheCoiledViper (85)

Please Feel Free To Leave Any Suggestions!

Donut6 (4)

That's awesome, I played it for the whole day

TheCoiledViper (85)

@donut6: Nice! I'll make sure to add some new features!

thoq (5)

Nice one! I am not sure but I think the status displays one turn less than you actually have.

TheCoiledViper (85)

@thoq: Thanks! I've now fixed that issue

TheCoiledViper (85)

If you enjoyed this game, feel free to upvote it!

n113 (11)

like it was boring tbh sorry

motte (0)

Good start, but I got stuck in the upgrading screen, with only 250$

TheCoiledViper (85)

@motte: When you enter the upgrade stop, it states that 'You can leave at any time by typing exit'. Thanks for commenting!

motte (0)

@thecoiledviper: Oh ok did not see that thx.