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An Amazing Chat Server With 😊😊 REPL AUTH 😊😊 and GOOGLE AUTH 😊😊

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  • this is version alpha - new version coming soon! *

This * amazing * chat server supports multiple rooms, private rooms - which - btw - do not allow people in unless they have the password, if they do not, they are redirected. All passwords are hashed, so there is no chance of people coming in uninvited.

How to Use:

You will be brought to the login page. This page has three options,Repl Auth, Google Auth, or to login as a guest.

After that, you will be redirected to room * general *. Here is where most of the conversation will be. Then, you talk, talk, and talk. Emojis are supported, but links and images are coming in BETA. To type in an emoji you do the standard keyboard interpretation: :) - smile ;( - cry and ;) - wink

Page Setup:

On your left there is a large menu for selecting the room you want to go in. If you scroll down, you will see the option to create a private room, click it if you want. On the right is where you see the people online, in other rooms and the one you are in. IDLE people is coming in BETA.

Things To Remember:

  • No Profanity or down talk
  • Comment Below with suggestions
  • all messages are logged, except for those in a private room
  • BETA version will not be coming for a couple months

Updates coming in Version BETA:

  • DMs
  • Links - like repl terminal
  • image support
  • Idle people
  • Logout
  • more emoji support
  • ping option
  • Timestamps

Later updates:

  • MD (markdown) Support
  • Small descriptions for sites (like discord)
  • Different Chat * servers *
  • Edit and delete options for messages

A thing is never done, until all possible things are added
[email protected]

Thank you to:

Comment with suggestions and bugs!

I will not be able to respond for a while, though, because, like
, this is my last post for the summer.

Thank you and remember to upvote!

** * note: there is no mobile view. If you try to view this on a phone, I am not liable for headaches in result of a horrible stylesheet * **

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Yea I use iPhone [email protected]

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