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[GAME] Game Dev Simulator
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Roughly 500 lines of codes, and many hours of code later, Game Dev Simulator is complete.
The Game gives you an overview of how to play so an explanation is not needed. Have fun, and start the game company of your dreams!

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WOW, This game is not at all realistic, but thats what made it really fun!
you could literately just say spend $1 on marketing, $1 on production and spend 1 month on development, then sell it for 100 million buks each, and 15 billion people will buy it! making you infinite cash!

i would like it if you could make a setting int he start of the game to go either realism, or fantasy, and if you could add a upgrade shop and a bit of a story line that would be great!

without being funny, if you were to make this a literal game you could buy off steam, i would buy it. thanks for the good python game @Viaticboss19

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@stubaduble Thanks man, yeah the Algorithm certainly isn't perfect, but it was the best I could come up with without spending weeks on it. I'm not too educated on topics like Calculus so it was quite hard to make the equation but I think it's fine for what it is.
As for the other ideas, they're quite interesting, though I doubt I'll be updating this, if I ever do create another game, these are all things I will certainly think about adding.
Thanks man. :D

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@stubaduble Hey mate, it's a me! Viaticboss19! Back from the game with my newest game. It's similiar to this one, so if you liked this one I think you'll like my new one too.
It has a better algorithm, more customization and is just more advanced and better in general.
It's about directing movies rather than creating games and if you are interested here is the link to it. Thanks mate. ;)