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WIP Reach The Core HTML5 Port
MisterSirCode (2)

Ive been working on porting the original flash game "Reach the Core" to Javascript / HTML5 Canvas.

Its nowhere near complete, and is more just me experimenting with my game engine, but thought I should share it.

gme.js and cve.js are my game engine code that Im working on

PS: The reason I disable the game in the iframe, is because the game is static-locked at 600px by 600px. (The original flash resolution). So to keep it consistent, its locked at that resolution, which doesnt work within the iframe. Just click the the little box with the arrow (The open in new tab button) (Manual link if you cant find the button:

THIS GAME WILL NOT WORK ON BROWSERS THAT DONT SUPPORT PRIVATE CLASS FIELDS! (Chrome and Firefox are about the only two that do atm)

Dunce (71)

I take it it's not playable yet? Even so it's looking really cool so far!

MisterSirCode (2)

@Dunce Barely playable, so no, but also thanks anyhow. Its difficult doing so much with such a small API like Canvas. I've actually been considering switching to WebGL just for that reason.