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WIP Minecraft clone in Three.js
cjmatthy09 (52)

have fun, it's not much but i'm still gonna post it :)
Controls: WASD + mouse, basically minecraft, switch blocks with "Open Controls" -> item dropdown

RayhanADev (2521)

It doesn't work for me ;-;

cjmatthy09 (52)

@RayhanADev sadge. try again, it's being weird right now. people were getting a bit annoyed by the camera, so i'm working on changing it

Bunnytoes (147)

good job but please fix the camera


The camera is so janky that it makes the game unplayable, but good job on everything else

cjmatthy09 (52)

@ANDREWVOSS yeah that's FirstPersonControls for ya. looking at it now

cjmatthy09 (52)

it's gonna be a pain to fix @ANDREWVOSS. i'm either going to have to migrate to PointerLockControls (a pain, and I'd have to add wasd controls myself) or i'd have to edit the existing controls source to fix it, which i've looked at, and I have no idea what is causing the drift.

cjmatthy09 (52)

should be good now @ANDREWVOSS . took some code and modified it a good bit to make it work