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WIFI Hacking Game (Lock break)
ThanesRavi (6)

This is a text based wifi hacking game. You need to hack Wifi(s)
by commands. Hack all the 4 Wifi to win the game.

Credit: Random string generator from

$help: show available commands
$show wlan list: show all available wifi list
$crack (wifi name) IP: show ip address of a Wifi
$brute-force (wifi name)_(IP address): Crack password of a wifi
$login_wlan: help for connection to network
$show score: Show your current score


  • version 0.2
    • green text
    • Better ASCII art

I hope you like it.

1andonlyaether (19)

I love this game! it's awesome i just finished real hacker stuff here 10/10

ThanesRavi (6)

@1andonlyaether Thanks. I hope you like it.