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#WEEKLY Converter!
CodingCactus (4337)

Hi,this week the challenge was to make a program which can convert 3 units.

So obviously that isn't very hard or interesting so I struggled to see any way to make it 'cool'. I settled on some weird arrow thing.

Basically you just type your initial quantity then -> and the units you want that turned into

1mm -> cm

ok I know it is kinda stupid but yeah sorry.

Aivoybia (26)

is there a way you can change my username? I just changed it to something random because my original username was my real name and I wanted something else.
Is there a way you do anything for me @CodingCactus?
Anything you can do would be very appreciated

CodingCactus (4337)

@MEadphonesmead yeah email [email protected] and they can get it sorted for you.

Aivoybia (26)

Have a nice rest of your day! :D