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Coder100 (17126)


IDK if I'm ok anymore...

Anyways, here's my entry that I worked way too much on.


I don't shoot photographs, I take them.
Approximately 100.000000012233422% of the images have been stolen without attribution on bing (calculated with python).

Have a great day

so basically i didn't use jquery that's why its so bad :(

Note for @TheDrone7

If you have a tablet and a computer, you will be able to see that it is responsive also interact with it on both devices. Please click on the images to view the modal. Resize the window to see more responsive. Enjoy the icons. Scroll down in a modal to see the working share button (the buttons don't do anything, however). Hover over images to also see more. Enjoy the modal animation and the animations in general. Enjoy the box-shadow as you hover over the image on the desktop. Notice how on a tablet when clicking on the images, the image header is bold instead of light. Alright, enough nitpicking. Enjoy!

CodingCactus (4192)

Whoa who is this coder10 you are speaking of

AmazingMech2418 (1041)

Nice, but you might want to make text sizes responsive too...

DynamicSquid (4632)

Why aren't you okay?

Also nice website btw!

Coder100 (17126)

idk i was super tired yesterday @DynamicSquid