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Coder100 (17087)

Weekly 19

This is the Fibonacci Prime!! I had to recreate this 3 times, and each time got faster than the last :D There is an insane amount of caching to make sure the speed is never too slow!


Created for the weekly, it can calculate up to the twelfth number in a reasonable time (between 1-10 minutes). The time increases exponentially I think.


  • Speed
  • Caching
  • BigInt
    I use caching to make the prime number finder as fast as possible, and basically what happens is we search primes in a pre-determined fibonacci sequence.


Have a great day! Please do tell me how far you got for the fibonacci prime :D

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

Just use Fortran. LOL! I don't know if this version in JS will be able to reach the 12th Fibonacci Prime... (mine in Fortran can!)