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Coder100 (17103)


Today, I am storing, my PASSWORDs!

... In my totally strong vault of course!


This was for @TheDrone7's weekly, and I hope you enjoy it! It follows the same design as all my previous weeklys and I really like the result of this one!


You can add your authentication key which will be used to encrypt your passwords. Here's how it works:

Your password => Public Key => Private Key => Hashed Password

Because of the fact you can change your password key, some passwords will require a different key than others!


Starting out

Changing auth key

View Passwords

View your passwords only if you have the right key!

The special quirk with changing keys


Have a great day! I hope you enjoy it :)

Vandesm14 (2644)

I challenge you to use Cookeylang for your next submission 😉

Coder100 (17103)

cookeylang has a lot of limitations right now so input will not be particularly easy until I can find a new language that has enough low level access to stdin @Vandesm14

TheDrone7 (1777)

There's a problem with this submission. This is basically just a notes app with encryption. A password vault requires you to store a password along with a description about the password such as which website it belongs to and stuff.