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WASMpsx - a PlayStation emulator to use for your own purposes.
Seven7Four4 (1)


A fork of TJWei's PlayStation emulator to use for your own purposes.

Adding to website

To add this to your website, click here so you can download the WASMpsx source code as a ZIP file.

Then, add them to your website and create a <script> tag like this:

<script src="path/to/wasmpsx.min.js"></script>

After those steps, you are ready to use WASMpsx!


To use WASMpsx, use this example script:


Note: does not come with example ROM files.

And to load files, not URLs, use this script:

document.getElementById('my-wasmpsx-element').readFile(file here, useful for file input);

To add a display, add a wasmpsx-player element.

Example element:

<wasmpsx-player id="my-wasmpsx-element"></wasmpsx-player>

And you are all set to test out your emulator!