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Vulcanist - A Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Unfortunately, due to all the repls from Kajam getting in the talk board early, my repl couldn't get trending easily.

This is personally one of my favorite games, my biggest, and I put the most work into it out of the other games I made.

Rules will be explained in the game (singleplayer mode).
More info will be in the description of the repl.

If you like the game, be sure to offer the post an upvote and a like to the repl.


Please note that this is not mobile friendly. It is only playable on a computer.

I do apologize for all the botting recently. I just fixed that up.

Don't forget to check out my newest repl:


Hi, Firstly you can't ask for upvotes

Secondly I don't think that you can post a repl 2 times. You can't post a repl the second time saying that "Unfortunately, due to all the repls from Kajam getting in the talk board early, my repl couldn't get trending easily."(I know this would go in the trending). I once posted a birthday cake which was awesome according to me and it deserved some views or comments but I posted when only a few people were active. This only shows that you want cycles, if you want people to view your game you could have posted it in the apps many view the repls their too. Second proof that you posted this for cycles is you are asking for upvotes. If you change your description later here is the image of your orignal description

(I am writing a lot these days, I even exceeded the word limit for the writing part in my english exam).

I am super sorry if I was rude but I was just telling the rules.


@sn236, I said "if you enjoyed the game, be sure to give it an upvote."

I'm not exactly saying "upvote this!!"

I did delete the original post about this so I wasn't farming cycles fyi.

If a mod does come over here and tell me otherwise, I will edit this post.
Just to let you know, I have done this before and it was absolutely fine.



@sn236 I'd have to disagree about this, especially the part about "asking for cycles", many have used a sentence similar to Leviathan's statement that "If you like the game, be sure to offer the post an upvote and a like to the repl." and have definitely not been warned for breaking any rules.


@sn236 no prob. I'm glad you're out here helping to enforce rules sometimes :)


@LeviathanCoding :), Just a question which languages are good for game development because I also want to make games.


@sn236 Javascript is what I've always used. p5.js to be particular.


@LeviathanCoding It's great to use JS because it offers a lower level than game engines. However for big games it is likely that you will turn to game engines like Unity, Unreal engine or even Roblox's game engine (although, that is a bit too limited for some).



(I am writing a lot these days, I even exceeded the word limit for the writing part in my english exam).

Haha, my English teacher told us a 2 page min limit, but I asked the max limit. They replied with "you can make it as long as you want, but we won't read after 4 pages" (around 4 IIRC).

Let's have a writing fight sometime

As for the whole rules, it's intuitive.

The main reason they post it up there is to make sure people don't get annoyed. If you think about it, criticizing a person's choice of words for asking people to show affection for their project if they choose to could also be something replit doesn't want (save your criticism for clearer infractions, like the people who spam advertisement comments on questions/posts).

Like Leviathan coding said he is reminding people to upvote it if they liked it. He is not saying "upvote pls", or "upvote this". He is asking for them to show affection if they indeed did like it.

As to answer your question about what language you want for game development (I am totally not doing this to beat your post's word count), that is highly on your language preference. As you know, Minecraft was coded in Java. Java is not a language that comes to mind for me as a good game development language. Many game developers use lower level languages like C/C++, but amateur devs use easier and more intuitive languages like Python. Javascript is very flexible in that it already is embedded in a UI system (no needing to open windows, handle the APIs to windows' (or another operating system's) window management process. It is also lower level than using a game engine in that you control the rendering process, as well as high power over optimizing render and physics processes. If you want to try 3D development, ThreeJS is a good start. However, they are more intuitive so they will be laggier. Someone made a Minecraft remake using WebGL, and it runs fast as heck (if you must know the name, it is Minekhan. No, mods this is not an ad). WebGL is a lower level graphics programming API. This means that you must know a lot of Geometry (the same applies to ThreeJS, but this uses extensive use of the basics like vertex manipulation, that normally ThreeJS handles on its own) and will likely take longer to develop as you are basically coding your graphics from scratch.

Physics is also a big dilemma, especially because not all of us have a PhD in physics (ok, that was an exaggeration. You don't need to have a PhD, but you do need to know at least the basics of physics, which is an oftentimes confusing process. If you are going further into things like simulating drag, then you might as well give up and use a physics engine). While you could make basic game physics on your own, more complicated processes like simulating aerodynamics (drag, terminal velocity, e.t.c) would probably require you to just use a game engine. There are a few JS physics engines out there, some of them are even compatible with ThreeJS! However, if you get into serious game making (or at least, games that require heavy use of physics), I would recommend that you use a game engine. Game engines handle the rendering process for you and often incorporate their own physics engine. Sure, you still need to know geometry and other math concepts, but the burden is lesser. A few game engines to name them are Unity and Unreal Engine (very popular ones, the latter was used to develop fortnite).

As for the language, it goes back to depending on what you want. Most game engines offer a language with their own APIs (C# for Unity, C++ for Unreal Engine IIRC). Outside of using a game engine, you can use almost any language. In fact, I heard that someone had a course on making games in Go (I have used Go and it's quite new now. I have never heard of a game made in Go and I found that quite interesting). So, the answer if you are reading this and are like "get to the point, Baconman!", is simply: whatever you feel comfortable using, combined with what you want to do.

Totally didn't blow your mind with my elongated use of English vocabulary formulated into sentences


@LeviathanCoding I have some experience with p5.js



Let's have a writing fight sometime


Haha, my English teacher told us a 2 page min limit, but I asked the max limit. They replied with "you can make it as long as you want, but we won't read after 4 pages" (around 4 IIRC).

What if the pages were long then you could write as much as you want

(I am totally not doing this to beat your post's word count)

I doubt that

Totally didn't blow your mind with my elongated use of English vocabulary formulated into sentences


As to answer your question about what language you want for web development

I asked for Game Development

(save your criticism for clearer infractions, like the people who spam advertisement comments on questions/posts).

I do that



I asked for Game Development

I meant game dev. Ignore that I will fix it.


@Baconman321 and @sn236 , why don't y'all take the writing fight somewhere else. I don't want to keep getting spammed by messages here so yeah.


@LeviathanCoding I said "sometime", we aren't doing it now :)


There to wordy and boring to read, awesome type of writing for informational texts BUT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I HAVENT HAD TO SCROLL THAT MUCH IN YEARS MAN xD @Baconman321


@Baconman321 Oh hello!


@CyberHacker101 :D

Want me to do more?


Sure but this time explain one of the 3 theories of quantum physics in depth @Baconman321


@CyberHacker101 I love QM, but sadly I do not know much of it...


Hmm tell me what yer typin speed

def not on rep instead of doing actual work

in a unrelated topic ever heard of LoL Bros? @Baconman321


@LeviathanCoding What about the "wasn't able to get trending easily?" I'm sorry, that sounds very much like cycle farming to me. Trending = more cycles.


@CyberHacker101 I peaked at 150 wpm doin my brother's 3rd grade class's typing lesson for him (just once, it was amusing). I think my average is 70-80, and 90 when I'm raging.


mine is:
When im lazy: 60 wpm
When im awake:80-86 wpm
When i go god: 120 wpm @Baconman321


Glad you deleted the orignal post. If you had left it up there would have been some problems. But this is the second time you have posted the same repl multiple times.
I agree with @sn236, if it does not get on hot the first time, it is not morally correct to post it again and again.
I once posted a remake of simon onto replit a couple years back, before challenges and all that sort of stuff. I did not get a single comment, or a single view. It was a pretty respectable game, at least for the general skill set of repliters back then. I did not repost it multiple times until I got it to hot. In fact, you can still find it, if you click on my profile and then load more posts again and again and again.
Note that though you are not technically breaking the rules, it is still not very cool. There are other people on this platform and they deserve some love as well, but I never see another person post the same thing over and over again until a gets a bunch of upvotes.

not complaining tho cause now i found it and its pretty fun tbh :)


@Baconman321 me: scrolls down.
you:hurt my eyes. ( i have dark mode so it is white text)


@Baconman321 @sn236 I'll join you for that word war once I'm finished NaNoWriMo


@Baconman321 Awesome Explanation, Thanks so much!


@Baconman321 Ok, so I tried to read this, and then got a headache.
Ok I'm kidding, I actually read it all. I understand where you are coming from with this, in the first paragraphs. However, according to Moore's law, computers basically get 2x faster every year. Because of this, it means that it makes more sense for a game to be made on something that makes sense for you, because you do not become 2x faster a year (this is why python is so much more popular than binary :p).
This isn't supposed to sound harsh, its just that everything written is monotonous. Also, I'm a fan of three.js and blender :)
Finally, I find that me writing this is ironic because I am rendering something on blender (written on python) and my computer is now about to die because of it XD


@Baconman321 wtf read tht for me...


@codeitfast Moore's law is now defunct for the most part. But yes, like I said, you should use something that you are comfortable with using.

Don't try to code a game in WebGL if you don't want to deal with vertex manipulation, and don't code a game in Python if you want to have more control over memory management and the system itself.


@sn236 shut the up your mouth


@BigHatDogan Hey let's not start a fight, eh?


@BigHatDogan Firstly I said sorry to leviathan after my comment , Secondly I typed that thing not said and someone says shut up when they want someone to stop talking and you have particularly mentioned mouth so technically you can't say shut up. Thirdly it's important to be humble and even if I was rude in my comment I said - 'I am super sorry if I was rude but I was just telling the rules.'


@sn236 How can you use Light Mode?


@TheMaster7661 are you asking how to use the light mode or are you asking that why am I using the light mode.




@sn236 pygame, but you have to code everything correctly or if will be slow, but have a good idea of python first.


@KurRuppted I did some pygame before and I liked it, but then I learned p5.js and I feel p5 is more easier than pygame but I don't remember much of pygame it's been an year since I have done that.


cool this is dope
it freezed after a while bc for sum reason
i culdnt do multiplayr bc there was no 1 online


@GhostDrive thanks :)
can you give me the console log if you get the error again?


@LeviathanCoding uhhh pretty sure you need to fix this visual bug


@redd-123 I have no idea what causes that. I checked the code a number of times. Refreshing the page would seem to do the trick.


@redd-123 Fixed!!


singleplayer be like


@CoderGautamYT so now i cant report bugs?


hes not sayin shts like u @CoderGautamYT


This game is great, but you made a huge mistakes whle writing the dialoges. In english, you cant write "exam-
ple" when you go to the end of the page. You must write the whole word or go to the next line to write it.


@LinokBoss nah thats fine :)


why are there litterly 5k bots online


dude, it's not funny. (Leviathan this is who botted my game too, crashed all the servers, he's probably the one behind your game bots too)


@CoderGautamYT ??? i wasnt laughing? i was just asking why there are alot of bots?


dude idk if I can trust you.. you've made many bots for my game and made my life miserable for those few days... I'm not 100% sure you made bots for vulcanist, but it seems like you're someone who would enjoy ruining an actual fun game. @redd-123


@CoderGautamYT i wouldnt call it a fun game. the movement is really weird you dont even move where you look at and people sometimes flash idk


I mean that's just my opinion. If you don't think it's fun I'm fine with that. @redd-123


@CoderGautamYT i remember cracking the code to ur little development thing for swordio xddddddd


xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd @redd-123


@redd-123 , It looks as though I've banned you from accessing websockets in my server for now.


@LeviathanCoding Nooooooooooooo


@redd-123 @CoderGautamYT What do you mean by "cracking the code"? I'd like to see your src if you don't mind.


@sedated not really code. i litterly was curiouse so i put in ?p=t at the end i got the game working and i saw people xd


@redd-123 I don't get how that's "cracking". All that does is add a query? I may be wrong though, I'm still new to this web stuff.


@sedated nahh its to sound more cooler xd


why tho @redd-123


just casually talking about game bots lmaoooo


@Froggo-School lmao


Really cool game! Love the art too! How long did it take you to make this? ♥


@CyberPink Thanks. It took me a week for the Kajam competition.


how did u make this
man its cool

wait did u even make it?


@DaBabyWarlock yeah I made it. I guess you didn't read the info in it.

I made it with P5.js, Express, and SocketIO.


I love the unique perspective of the limited 3D!


@Baconman321 Thanks!!


wow nice takes a long time 2 load and the cutscenes are badly drawn


@AProgrammerDude thanks. I only had seven days to do it and I am terrible at digital art lol.


@AProgrammerDude can you do better?


@GhostDrive bro no need to start a fight lol. I was quite rushed tbh and I didn't have time (or patience) to do digital art or animations.


Nice! I thought you were too busy and nice seeing you again. Keep up the great work! uwu


Wow, nice
This is very <a href="">standard</a>


it's okay, but the controls and the movement just doesn't feel right. the player is too slow when walking, and too fast when sprinting.


@elburg agreed


so all of your repls now have to get trending


@ch1ck3n apparently so! in fact, one of his posts, "Battle of the Five Armies," actually got taken down because he was reposting for trending and ccyles.


so laggy


Hey my name is nadia










soo cool eriberto best coder




You should not share your number here, if it's your! @aarqyaarqy


iam having a temper tantrum


how did a loading screen get more upvotes than this lmfao


Lmfaoo ahahahahaha @Warhawk947


Question: what the hell?

I check the comments on a nice looking replit, and ALL I see are people enforcing rules that barely even matter (for this replit anyways), people arguing about bots (you can have your opinion, I just see it as pointless bickering), and now banning people off a game that's made on a website as well? Man, I have so many words, yet little understanding...


While I may understand that people like @redd-123 or @sedated bot games and maybe make them unfun to play, but may I remind you this is the internet? For god sake games like Roblox, a game especially targeted around the more young side of the playerbase, has adult content here and there, and for the sake of everybody's sanity I can safely say rambling about a problem won't fix it, will it?


Do you think people like sedated will stop what they want to do? NOT LIKELY! It's not gonna happen out of thin air unless you somehow legally sue them over a game on a public website used by many to code..(makes no sense that I'm writing this but go with it)

The point is, complaining won't do anything. The best you can do is just report them if they don't stop the nonsense, instead of becoming Twitter 2.0 (or 3.0 if you count discord). Come on man, this is just a bloody website no need for this nonsense!

"Aren't you complaining?"

Well yes but I'm complaining for a good reason; complaining about botters won't help you in this case, you can report them very easily or write a complaint to replit themselves! (I'm sure they have a support team like Roblox). Just don't flood comments with uncessary comments like "hey man so I banned you so screw off" like @LeviathanCoding (no hate your repls always make me smile, but come on man show a little dignity).

"Your point is?"

My point is just shut the hell up, respect the situation, talk it out like adults not 14 year olds trying to win an argument about "which is better: fortnite or minecraft??!?!?!?"...It's disappointing to see people talk like this, even if they don't mean it. I'm low tempered yet I don't go off saying "ok so I banned you lol get rekt xdddd!!!"

If anything sedated and redd are more mature than all of you combined (not insulting, but think about it..)! You're arguing over something that can be resolved with just talking, RATIONAL thinking, or just simply reporting!! (The replit staff will help in situations like these: it's their job)

And come on man, really?:

Who cares, if they beg? Who cares, if they posted it more than once? And I will MOST DEFINITELY ask WHO cares about the rules (IF IT DOESN'T EVEN HURT ANYBODY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!) This is one of the most immature conversations I've ever seen on the internet, and that's a lot coming from me since I'm making this, but ignore that..

We're human beings, and we have the brain capacity to figure out solutions instead of typing on plastic that sends hexadecimal signals to create lines upon lines of words that will ultimately mean nothing in the end, seriously man you're all better than this..

My conclusion..

Please, just resolve it like rational human beings. You can ALL point out that I'm ALSO rambling, that I'm ALSO complaining, and the sort, but at least I have enough brains to only speak when necessary!
No hate to anybody whatsoever, but this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes our society fall, so: TLDR;

  • @CoderGautamYT - I have no problems with you, you're fine..But try to be a bit more rational pls :heart: (also assuming he thought it was funny is a bit over the top, but still all love)
  • @LeviathanCoding - Instead of bragging you banned somebody, go to support; they're there to help with your problems, not social issues.
  • @redd-123 - Just, don't bot games? That's all I have to say to you?

  • @sedated - You're the most chill botter/person I seen on any platform yet, I respect you. But, slow down the botting alright? No need to make such a ruckus. Still all respect to you!


I am not hating, nor criticising (well maybe I am but ignore that once again) anybody in a way that is supposed to be hurting, I'm giving my opinion on the situation, and to be frank being THIS neutral is hard, especially when people like this argue over stupid things (if you can even call it arguing anymore..)

Anyhow, I hope everybody has a good day, stay safe, and happy coding! :heart:

P.S (if you don't like anything I've wrote just ask me and I'll either explain or edit it!)



"My point is to shut the hell up"


@angrydoge yeah lol


@Opalmime dont care plus ratio


@SixBeeps didnt ask + rapio (purposely misspelt, get wrecked)


I 100% agree with you, the thing is that, I have tried repl support, all they said was that "it's your game, your problem, deal with it" (not exactly the exact words, but something along those lines). I decided the best way to counter these is just to keep improving my anticheat, and it seems to work so far as the botters eventually give up. @Opalmime


@CoderGautamYT I'm absolutely sure you can somehow make some sort of "anti-spam" system that checks for constant "Packets" or whatever they're called and kick the person for that reason etc etc. If you're idle like those "farm bots" i saw, then kick them. etc etc.


@Opalmime No, rambling about a problem won't fix it. But

a) rules are rules, deal with it.
b) Bots make the game near unplayable. Complaining won't do much, but we see on that complaining means the creator can help fix bot problems.
c) sometimes it's not exactly easy to tell who bots games, so you can't report them.

Who cares, if they beg? Who cares, if they posted it more than once? And I will MOST DEFINITELY ask WHO cares about the rules (IF IT DOESN'T EVEN HURT ANYBODY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!)

it doesn't hurt anybody, but it turns replit into a toxic mess of people begging for cycles. Replit is supposed to be a coding platform, not a cycle farming platform. Leviathan here actually makes good quality posts, unlike some of the other ones. See "Shakespearean Insult Generator," which had scores of bots on basically a collection of for loops and random() functions.

I have enough brains to only speak when necessary!

Yeah, okay, so you attack people who are only trying to enforce the rules of this platform.


Yeah, I'm working on that currently. Thanks! @Opalmime



Bro you should've seen the comments when I made a website that only took like, 20 minutes and I accidentally used depracated HTML.


a) that doesn't make sense considering he never really broke any from my perspective

b) yeah but complaining about that game here isn't gonna help this game, now is it?

c) it takes a bit of common sense and close observation at names and how they move.

d) even so, we shouldn't have to care so much if people is begging for validation at least once. when it gets repetitive is when it becomes a problem for SURE. and if it gets toxic then it isn't my problem

e) check disclaimers, i was not attacking anybody in any way, just giving my view (and honestly how i feel, being brutally honest about how i feel ~= attacking)

P.S ~= is not equal to in lua


@angrydoge i can imagine 😐


@CoderGautamYT oh yeah one thing to note, probably also measure how much movement they make in that span of time (so they can't just bypass the idle thing)



a) he broke the anti cycle farming rule
b) no, it's not, but I'm merely pointing out that complaining is not completely useless
c) Smart botters don't use names
d) Leviathan actually has begged for cycles in the past. In fact, one of his posts, "Battle of the Five Armies," actually got unlisted because he was begging for cycles.
e) mhm, ok, i can understand that.



a) k
b) not completely useless, but quite useless
c) either way, he could just happily update the game so you NEED a name, so that doesn't actually matter.
d) mk

e) glad we agree on something


@Opalmime i stopped botting like weeks ago wdym ._.


@redd-123 your mother. XD!!!!!! (either way i made it without proper knowledge so idc lol)


@Opalmime xDDDDDDDD


Just so you know, it is quite easy to hack in the game. I recommend you have the player stats be stored on the server instead of on the client (at the very least, in multiplayer). I can easily make my health infinity and spam my M9 pistol at a firerate of 1 and make it do 100 dmg each shot with Infinity ammo.


I love china


Dunno if it’s my Wi-Fi but after the game loads the screen goes black