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Dizzle v2.0 + QAPI!

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Dizzle v2.0!

What happened to v1.0?

I released a website called Dizzle a while ago. It gave you a random general knowledge question with a text box that checked your answer. It wasn't very good as it only worked properly on one screen size 2048 x 1152.

SVG images are not supported

So, I decided to abandon Dizzle version 1 and create version 2!

Version 2 has been created completely differently.

What's different?


Dizzle now has a new stylesheet that uses flexbox to ensure full responsiveness on all screen sizes!

Not only that, but the CSS has been prefixed by an auto-prefixer to ensure backwards-compatibility with older browsers that don't support newer flexbox rules.


The original version of Dizzle had a text file for each question and one was randomly opened and sent to the template. This was a very bad approach to it for multiple reasons but also good for other reasons.


  • Using separate text files meant that I could write a Python program to make adding question questions a lot easier!
  • Err, I can't think of anything else


  • That was a LOT of files!
  • I had to update a variable in the program whenever I added new questions.
  • It was very hard to locate a particular question
  • It was extremely inefficient

So, I decided to create a brand new repl.... QAPI!

Hey, what's QAPI?

QAPI is an API service that anyone can use to get a random question for their apps. It has multiple endpoints that let you get a question from a particular topic, or a particular type of question.

The topics are literature, geography, history, entertainment, science, leisure and technology. They are extremely broad so you could get a question about something that happened in a certain country in the geography category.

The types of questions are memory, multiple choice, true or false and number.

All questions are stored in a Python dictionary which makes it easy to include all of the necessary information when being sent to the program!

Learn more about QAPI here:

Why is QAPI better for Dizzle?

QAPI is better for Dizzle because it means that there are quicker loading times and there's now logic inside the templates for different types of question! If you have a memory question you'll only get a text box, but if you have a multiple choice question you'll have radio buttons!


Question contributions are welcome! You can contribute on GitHub via an issue, Pull Request, or the suggestions form on Dizzle

If you have any feedback or suggestions for either Dizzle or QAPI then please leave them in the comments or on GitHub issues!



Dizzle -


Dizzle -
QAPI-Frontend -


Dizzle -
QAPI Frontend -

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definitely! I think that this is my best project!