Currently investigating major display errors

After using BrowserStack to test on different devices, and resizing my browser, I've noticed some major issues. Just be aware it may not display/work properly on your device!

Introducing Dizzle!

Dizzle is a website created with Flask that will give you a random general knowledge question.

There are lots of different themed questions like history, geography, sport, etc. At time of writing, there are 112 questions

To get started, visit Dizzle!


Any question contributions are welcome!

To contribute, you can do one of the following:

I hope you enjoy Dizzle! If you have any suggestions or feedback create a GitHub issue or leave them in the comments below!

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@VulcanWM I'll consider it! Currently, I really need to fix the display issues. My screen is the perfect size and it worked great, but on smaller screens it's cut off a bit so...

Anyway, I'll add an API to my todo list.
Also, do you mind if I take some of your questions? With credit of course.