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🎵+🎹=Virtual Note - Create your own music with online piano and staff

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Hello, welcome to Virtual Note. Virtual Note is a simple online music creator, You can use it as staff or piano or even both. You now have the power to create real compositions at you finger-tips. Creating this site took 6 hours to make. I created this because before this competition was released I had absolutely no clue about staff and notes before. This competition forced me to learn about how all this stuff works, and I ended up creating a pretty cool application. Making this and learning this stuff was a lot of fun. If you are like me and does not know how the actual music works just scroll down and I provided the article I used to learn from.

In the following lines, I am just going to explain how to use the site.

In the middle is the staff, to add notes you can use the drop-down menu and click on the note you want, then click on the button that says "+♩". It will then add it to the staff

You can also add notes by typing them, to show you what to type I will create a chart on the left will be the note and on the right will be the key to press, this part is more like the piano,
E: e
F: f
G: g
A: a
B: b
C: c
D: d
E: Space Bar
Rest: r

To play your composition hit the play button, to reset your work to hit the reset button, and the change volume use the slider.

Okay, that is about it! I hope you enjoy this work, it was a lot of work to make, if you create music and you like it post it in the comments below, free cycles/upvotes! Remember to leave you to vote if you like this! 😁

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what language is this

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Nice! That is pretty cool!

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Cool! I forked it.