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Violin & Viola Trivia
violinvibes (0)

This trivia helps people understand the differences of the violin & viola, they are very alike but it is important to know why they differ in size,sound,and notes. I hope many people will get to enjoy this trivia, learn with it and have fun!:)
-With love,

YvonneClarkson (0)

I have learned the differences from my son. He plays violin since he was seven years old. It's much easier to play viola. So passionate about this instrument. I'm pretty sure that he is going to become a prominent musician with a name. Because he knows so well to play the violin, he can easily play the viola. He asked me to rent a viola to practice. Because buying one is much expensive, I entered shop, and for 100 $ I rent a viola. It took him some minutes to get acquainted with the new instrument.