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Atom Builder
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Atom Builder is a program where you build atoms, hence the name.

Use the control board to add protons, neutrons and electrons

On the right side are all the information of the atom you just created

This program also follows the rules of the real world

For example you can't go past 118 protons

Please enjoy and please, please give feedback

This was created by @tarnx : Me, another programmer, and a chemist

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Very nicely made. Though, for the charge in ion form, I've usually seen the sign go after the number (for example, He²⁻ instead of He⁻²). Also, there shouldn't be any 1's in the charge, so C⁺ instead of C⁺¹

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@SixBeeps Ok, this was really helpful! We'll be make sure to implement that.

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@Edhead21Gaming @AlexanderTarn yoo alex we have to fix this
- why dIdn'T yOu teLl uS aboUt thIs