Rock Paper Scissors, with a twist

A lot of people, especially beginners seem to always make the same thing, Rock Paper Scissors (in python of course)

It get's kind of annoying and unoriginal, so I tried to make something a bit different... Let's just say it's weird.


Press 1 for Rock
Press 2 for Paper
press 3 for Scissors

User WASD or the arrow keys to move around.

The goal is to hit the other flying thingies to get points, but only if you are carrying the right item.

Rock kills Scissors
Paper kills Rock
Scissors kills Paper

that's pretty much how it works.

Comment with a screenshot of your high score and I might add a leaderboard.

You might want to open it up with this link in full screen with this link in a NEW tab:

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Very creative!


thanks @mendonaarav