Press Space for FREE 👏 MEMES 👏
liltaco (207)


How can you say no to that? 😊 It has a nice style (I made the CSS, it's not gonna blow your mind), a bunch of content from Reddit, and you can even see how many upvotes a submission has and who uploaded it.

It takes a random submission from a given subreddit (defaults to r/memes) with the reddit API when you press space. I am not responsible for any weird things you see there. Have fun!

Some recommendations:

  • memes - get free memes!
  • dankmemes - a more abstract alternative.
  • me_irl - selfies of the soul
  • unixporn - woah those are some epic Unix setups!
  • programmerHumor - some programmer jokes
  • dadJokes - sorry for that one
  • programmerDadJokes - same but for programmers
  • anything else on Reddit...
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