Don't ever lose your data again with [ JS Edition ]
TheDrone7 (1932)

Inspired from @leon332157 's library for in python, here is one for JavaScript. This library was built to allow people to easily make transactions with in node.js


Use npm i async-jsonstore-io in your preferred terminal / command prompt or just install it from the packages tab.

Include it in your app using

const JsonStoreClient = require('async-jsonstore-io')

Here's a link to the github repository. ( It will be greatly appreciated if you star it too. )

Official page ( also contains the docs for more help )

Here's an example repl that shows how it all works!

Also make sure to check out to see what it is if you don't already know.

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eankeen (2233)

Very cool! As per the example, I would recommend using non-nested promises to show output and features of your package.