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Versatile TODO list! #WEEKLY
Nayoar (561)

TODO list with lots of features including setting due dates for tasks and sophisticated sorting functionality! Find it here on my website. Links to source code are included!
Please ignore the repl I have attached to this post as it is the entire repl for my personal website, which I have already shared in a different post. The links to the source code for the converter are specific files in that repl.

EpicGamer007 (1615)

I wish you could add "log in with repl" or something cuz i dont have discord(I really wish i did)

Nayoar (561)

@AbhayBhat that's a good idea! Wish I'd thought of that, but kinda late to implement now.

EpicGamer007 (1615)

@minx28, now i have discord lol :P

SixBeeps (5057)

I gotta say, I'm impressed! Logging in with Discord was unexpected, but a welcome feature. There's some other things I would have never even thought about, like priority and expected duration, that I find quite interesting too.

(I think you're gonna win this one, and it's only been a few days.)

Nayoar (561)

@SixBeeps in all honesty, using logging in with Discord was actually a lazy way of making login... I already had all the code for it on my site, so it took about 5 minutes to implement, lol
Thanks though!