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Vengeful Wood

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Create a story with randomly switched adjectives, nouns, and verbs based on a template.

I call this repl: Vengeful Wood because that's one of the randomly generated pairs I thought would be an unfittingly fit name for this project.

Run the repl to see some example templates.

If you want to create your own template to be randomized:

  • add a file to the "stories" folder
  • replace an adjective with "@"
  • replace a (present tense) verb with "$"
  • replace a noun with "#'


I $ to the # to @ $ some #

What sort of crazy stories do you get?

Once a talkative calendar who lived in the camera invited a obese unit from the theme to weigh him. When the adorable worrisome garbage sat down to pack he was surprised to solve that the quick relationship had nothing to dance except tale and chest.
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i do like wood but i dont know much about wood can you please tell me about woodworking guide like this

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wood is just the name of the repl because the program randomly generated those two words