Electron Template

Hey everyone, im picking up pace again. I made this for all of you. This brang with it not only knowledge, but a headache.

A month back, i noticed that replit was missing chrome drivers, so i used the non-root install-pkg to install chromium-chromedrivers. But i then had to use --no-sandbox due to the fact that we are not root users. I also had to solve electron freezing which i found because the community on replit made wrappers for the chromium browsers.

Running the project

Just as simple as pressing [ctrl] + [enter] or the run button. Everything is automatically set up from there including chrome-drivers.

Thanks for supporting me for the past year, even though i have not posted much due to lack of unique ideas (or lack of progress).

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@Vandesm14 remember the electron support issue i opened that you upvoted? I just found a way to get it working.