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Username Generator
BigMitchyT (10)

Made for my sister, as she's having a hard time thinking of a username for stuff. But anybody can use it if they'd like.

The program is rather simple, it just asks you a bunch of questions and then throws them together randomly.

The code is completely commented for anybody who could use this to learn off of.

themaka (188)

I think I had less paperwork to fill out for my mortgage.
Favorite username generated by this:

katyadee (1288)

Hey! I really like this.

One question - When you have people enter multiple values, you should add instructions if they should put commas, spaces, underscores, etc.

Thotsub (1)

eatgrapeeat walkmwalk bluebigrally


Thepsychobillgates lookcorgicomputer crashapplecomputer xD

angrydoge (481)

Thats freaking amazing