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User vs Computer - game
AndrewAung11 (21)


This is inspired by Battle Game Made With Python. I made this with python 3.

How to

First choose one hero. And the computer will choose a hero randomly. And heroes will have their own powers and healing rate. The computer have a little bit of intelligence that it heal itself every turn when it's health is less than 200.

I have only 3 heroes. You can comment your own heroes in the comment. If your heroes have been added to program you will be in contributors list.

Here is a template of a hero:

"Name": {
  "health": 500,
  "cd": { #attacks
    "normal attack": '''number'''
    #You can add other here
  "heal": '''number'''

Heroes and contributors

  • Thor - by me
  • Captain America - by me
  • Iron Man - by me

Thank you!
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