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Update I added a animated background.Love 2d!!!!
derpdizzzzy (9)

With a little help of sheepolution’s lobe2d animation tutorial I added an animated background to the game.and it is beautiful.I actually did was use PixelArtPro to do this.I did was draw shops and cities with A sky for 2 frames. Next, a cloud for 2 frames. Thirdly, I duplicated the both cloud images 7 times for the top two frames.Fourthy, I duplicated both the shop and cities images 7 times for the bottom two frames.Fifthly, the animated the wind by drawing 1 line per a frame in the same position for 4 frames.Sixthly,that one line drawn will be moved in the 1st top frame then the others would be in that same position as the 1st top frame.This would be rinse and repeat for these 7 images.Seventhly, I exported to gave 7 pngs for the animation.Eightly, I put them in repl Love2d and programmed them in main.lua.Finally,I pressed run.The result was amazing and I worked as expected.I showed to my cousins, and they are amazed.One of them were expressed how I can do it with little memory.This was a success for me because it worked as expected and was an amazing result for Love2d