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Unnamed Zombie Game
Dunce (71)


Hello, this is a game I made a while back. I didn't finish it, but I thought it seemed a shame not to post it, because it's one of my best projects, despite the bad code.

How to play

you play as a tank, use A and D or left arrow and right arrow to turn left or right, use W and S or up arrow and down arrow to move forward or backwards.
Left click to shoot.
In the middle of the screen is a gravestone, waves of zombies will spawn from this gravestone, the objective is to destroy the gravestone whilst surviving the zombies.

When you shoot at the gravestone it will eventually start to crack, after a while it will be destroyed, once it is you win, like I said I never finished this game, so nothing happens. But maybe if people like it I'll complete it.

When you kill a zombie it has a chance of dropping a heart, run over this heart to pick it up, and it will heal you.

scattered around the screen you'll see brown boxes, TNT. shoot at the TNT and if a zombie is close enough it will take damage.

EdwardBentler (40)

That's amazing! Nice job.

Chocolate16 (40)

it so good i like it zombies go fest lol

cuber1515 (91)

Fun! Only issue is that I'm bad at the game. lol