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Ultimate Gradients Library! (Cool)
JWZ6 (647)

Cool CSS Gradients!

Although this library has 5 objects, it's really all you need!


  • Copy Code
  • Popups
  • Glow Effect
  • 3D Title


JWZ6 (647)

@ch1ck3n does dis get a pog award? (i mean i technically am a member lol) XD

LOLguy1123455 (24)

@JWZ6 , um what do you mean by members ? do devs get to be memebers? Um.. forget what I said.

JWZ6 (647)

@LOLguy1123455 um yes devs are members im a dev and member of pog awards commitee

LOLguy1123455 (24)

( rushes to the teams button and nearly breaks the his touch screen)