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UTube Virtual 3D Music City
SlightlyCyborg (5)

Explore your favorite YouTube playlists in a 3d web-based environment. Use your arrow keys and mouse controls to make your way through UTube City. WebGL, JS, HTML5 doms, and some wizardry. It takes a seconds to load all the videos.

samdevz (31)

Cool! This is what it looks like for me:

Do you know why the towers are so tall?

SlightlyCyborg (5)

@samdevz It's akin to Midtown Manhattan. We want to move them to the top and have a snap pan to the mouse. It was either that or cubes.

ProdigalSun (0)

@samdevz is that mobile? What browser?

Anthony_Tonev (99)

I love youtube and now I can watch a whole city of videos at once. You should stack videos vertically on the skyscrapers - that way more videos will be displayed per street.