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TgCrypto is a Telegram Crypto Library written in C89 as a Python extension. It is designed to be portable, fast, easy to install and use. TgCrypto is intended for Pyrogram and implements the crypto algorithms Telegram requires, namely:

AES256-IGE - used in MTProto v2.0.
AES256-CTR - used for CDN encrypted files.
AES256-CBC - used for encrypted passport credentials.
Python wheels are available for hassle-free installations; they are automatically built and tested using Travis CI (Linux, macOS) and AppVeyor (Windows), for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Even though TgCrypto is primarily intended for use with Pyrogram, you are free and welcome to use it for any other Python project too, as it's shipped as standalone package.

More info: