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USE ANY LIBRARY / PACKAGE / ETC ON REPLIT (C++ / SFML used for demonstration)
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For those who didn't know, replit has the ability to directly interface with the linux system on which all this runs. Using this functionality, one can upload any library to the repl, and run said repl in the context of the library, as demonstrated here.
You can make a blank repl which uses a makefile here

this is a really bad demonstration ik
Just try to picture the implications of this (SFML is not an officially supported library on

AnthonyVanover (1)

What about ./configure ?

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@AnthonyVanover Dumb question but what's that lol

AnthonyVanover (1)

@SPQR You need to run this when compiling a library from source. Usually the steps are ./configure; make; make install. Some libraries use alternative build systems, but this is typical.

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@AnthonyVanover I did not know that, thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look at that in the future.

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@ProgrammerAI Sorry for the delay, I was at the beach. I responded to you on the feedback post so check that for help.

ProgrammerAI (14)

@SPQR I keep getting an error can u look at it?