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A URL shortener that lets you add custom backends, edit your links, delete your links, view what device, os, and browser your link was opened on, and view a timestamp for each record.

Check Uptime and History Here

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(Btw this works best with hacker plans, unless you are ok with everyone being able to see your user agents+timestamp and be able to see all of your backends (not the links they lead to, however))

Getting Started

This is a private project right now, follow these instructions to make this your own.

  • Fork this repl
  • Create a file called .env
  • Inside of .env , add a new variable called passw and set the value of it to the password you want to enter each time you open this.

Whenever you go to a protected page, the URL shortener will make a JS User prompt to ask for the password. (This isn't secure because anyone with enough JS knowledge can make a bookmarklet to stop user prompts. You cannot load the inspector inside Dev Tools until a pass is entered.)

If you want to disable this, go to an html file inside of the templates folder and remove the code that looks like this - (It'll be right at the top)

<script> function verify() { verify1 = prompt("ENTER PASSWORD --") if (verify1 != "$passw") { window.location.replace("") } } verify() </script>

The User Agents are shown when you click "Show link details" And are stored in a folder called agents.

The links themselves are stored in the DB.

To access a link, go to ur-domain/l/urbackend

Ping it

This is a python web server, so it needs to be pinged. I personally prefer Upptime, (Not Uptime Robot) since it has dashboard, github integration, github issues, graphs, etc.

Either way, ping your domain to keep it alive.

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