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{UPDATE} Among Us Makeover v.2021.03.29 (Ship of Color and Hex Update)
AndrewMarkarian (19)

Among Us Makeover v.2021.03.29

Hey coders. Among Us Makeover has updated, check it out!

Ship of Color and Hex Update

So you are probably thinking, Among Us has twelve colors in the game, right? But what if you wanted to add or play as more colors? Then this is the update for you, and all of you reading.

Leaks In Updates

This update was leaked out on the 21st, but it was quickly spotted and fixed. That's why the previous version has v.2021.03.21 on it. This is not going to stay forever, but I have changed the code a lot, so this is it for now. The next update could be as soon as tomorrow.

Python Turtle???

Yes, it was my first project, so that is why.