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Typing Speed Test
Aivoybia (26)


Welcome to the new game I made in python

This game will give you a sentence, and it will tell you exactly how long it took you to type it.

For example, if I finish typing, it will give me whole lotta decimals.

It will see if you typed it correctly or not, and if you do, the computer will reset the stopwatch.

When you finish typing, just press enter.

This is one of my first "big" (it's pretty big to me) projects I made, so don't expect it to be all fancy

If you like this game, please feel free to leave an upvote!

Thanks, and have an AWESOME rest of the day! :D


Credit to @CodingEssence for the typewriter thing
Note: if you have an idea for a sentence, feel free to comment one down below, but make sure it is 70 characters, no shorter, no longer. This includes spaces and periods. Don't add weird characters, only letters and punctuation characters.
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MrVoo (96)

It would be better if you added support for sentences that are not 70 characters. Also, maybe add round() to the time it took.

Aivoybia (26)

@MrVoo I think the decimals would look cooler and it is more exact.

Also, if I have sentences that are not 70 characters, the timing would be different and all that

MrVoo (96)

@MEadphonesmead You could at least round it to five decimals, and an equation to support different sentences is probably pretty simple

cuber1515 (91)

Yo! It gave me alotta decimals too. I mean there was also an 18 in front of it all.

I like it, great job!

Aivoybia (26)

Please feel free to upvote if you liked this project, it would really help me! :D