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Type - An Adventure Story Game based on your Typing Skills
liltaco (207) is a multiple ending adventure story game where everything you do is based on typing - no mouse wires attached.

It only works on desktop, even if it worked on mobile I wouldn't do that because your typing speed is essential.
It's available at and you can read my awful source code.


PS: If I made any spelling mistakes, please remember I am not a native speaker.

katyadee (1303)

This is great! You built this on, right?

ebest (672)

Yay, I got all 4 endings.*

*By the means of converting the list of words into 1 word, "a"

liltaco (207)

@ebest congratulations you hacked the system

Vandesm14 (2752)

This is really, really, really cool! It's both an amazing game and a typing test all in one! I love it!

BradyGradowski (1)

Very Cool! Got all(?) four endings!

bmmashat (1)

This is very creative! I liked the gameplay mechanic a lot.. And the way you integrated the mechanic with the story, brilliant! Implementation was, this is awesome. And I see a lot of room for improvement in terms of graphics and sound. I like the narration too :) The only thing it wasn't very clear "why" I lost at the beginning but then I figured it out. I'm not sure if I missed something in the story or it should have been very obvious. Also, in some levels, words start to come on top of each other which makes it extremely hard to read. I'm not sure if you did this in purpose to make it difficult but if that's the case then it's a bit frustrating :P You might play with the speed for tuning the difficulty instead of overlapping. Overall, good job! I enjoyed it a lot and it inspired me to do something similar :)

themaka (190)

Wow this is great. You might want to increase the contrast in some spots though. I was fine until I got to this screen:

Between the small font and the very low contrast, I couldn't read the word above "about."

This is a very cool game - very different execution, with some story elements. I enjoyed it a lot!

EpicBigBoy212 (0)

very good best one I have ever seen BUDDY