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Two Player 2048: Race w/ Friends!
MikeShi42 (132)

Fork the repl, and share the link with a friend to race in 2048, side-by-side!

If you're intereseted in learning how it's built, check out the guide I shared:

IbraheemRodrigues (89)

A very cool concept, and appears well executed.
A tip I've learnt from this competition: you would have undoubtedly got many more votes had you posted it earlier.

MikeShi42 (132)

@IbraheemRodrigues Thanks! Haha unfortunately spent a bit too much time polishing but hope people can enjoy it/learn from it anyways! 😄

syilsun (0)

This looks like the real 2048 game, just better!


It doesn't work

MikeShi42 (132)

@Boappy Hello! Could you share what part isn't working for you?


Why does it need to have two people instead of just one?