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🐢 Turtle's Game of Life 🐢 (Python Turtle)
ChezCoder (1606)


Have you ever heard of Conway's game of Life? Well you should look it up on google! It's kind of a life simulator of tiny blocks that copy and deletes itself. But theres a twist, it has a one in ten chance of teleporting to a random location (the red and orange circles simbolize a teleportation and the console logs every movement), can only stay within the 200x200 box, and leaves a trail!


and plz lick the bugs you see and give them to me along with some FED BEAK
DynamicSquid (4898)

That one turtle camping out in the corner while everyone else brutally get slaughtered:

ChezCoder (1606)

@DynamicSquid lool. Sadly no one saw this imma repost