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Turtle Tag
omarfarag (59)

Created this a few months back and added some tweaks. Feel free to comment with any bugs/improvements so that I can fix/improve it

xXToluwaXx (72)

@omarfarag I download python to my Macbook and when I run the code it says Start Game or Rules. What am I supposed to do?

omarfarag (59)

@xXToluwaXx Click on Start Game if you want to start the game or click on Rules if you want to read the rules. Note that you need all the libraries imported at the top of my program in order for it to run correctly.

kakka0903 (4)

You should randomize who starts "tagging" you can also go out of bounds right after you tag somone/is tagged. Great game tho :))

omarfarag (59)

@kakka0903: Yeah, players can go out of bounds after being tagged. I was thinking of fixing it, but since it does not affect the game play, I decided not to. Randomizing who starts tagging sounds good though. Thanks for the feedback!