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Turtle Race
CodingGoose (697)

Hi! I'm on my way to 100 cycles. Every upvote is appreciated.
I made a Turtle Race game using python turtle. hope you enjoy!
I'm doing a 100 cycles special when I reach the goal
Thank you for all the upvotes! :D

One day later...
I hit 100 cycles! *Happy Goose Noises
Here is my 100 cycles special:

CodingCactus (4320)

is that 100 cycles i see??????????

CodingGoose (697)

@CodingCactus Wow! I'm so happy! :) I'll upload the 100 special in a few hours

CodingCactus (4320)

@DannyIsCoding lol, you were on 99 and i couldn't resist getting you to 100

KrishyABob (7)

Danny, how would you publish a game? And also, I am just learning Python, but I am experienced in Python with the package Turtle, so would you like to be my collaborator?

CodingGoose (697)

@KrishyABob Sure. A collaboration sounds fun!

SilentShadowBla (556)

7 more cycles to go (i upvoted ur comments) <3. Cool project too!

SixBeeps (5629)

This is actually really creative! Nicely done :)

CodingGoose (697)

@SixBeeps Thank you! Stay tuned for the 100 cycle special :)

Bookie0 (6563)

Nice! I switch turtles all the time, and I always win!! Coincidence?!

CodingGoose (697)

@Bookie0 The program was made to read your mind and then select the winner ;)

Do you want a small teaser to the 100 special?

Bookie0 (6563)

@DannyIsCoding sure why not for the teaser

Bookie0 (6563)

Oh my gawd that looks interesting ! @DannyIsCoding

CodingGoose (697)

@DannyIsCoding I'll need to delete it, because I'm secretive ;)

CodingGoose (697)

@Bookie0 And I'm only 20 cycles away.

CodingGoose (697)

@Bookie0 Well, thank you for the support!

Bookie0 (6563)

@DannyIsCoding you’re welcome! I gave u another upvote XD

CodingGoose (697)

@Bookie0 I want to make this a series. I'll do one when I hit a milestone or more often if more people see these and like the idea

MedhaBose (0)

Oh nice program. I made a turtle race too but it is a little different from yours. Please don't mind if I still like mine more. 😁

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

I made something like this a long time ago, maybe I'll work on it again since I saw this post

Wilke000 (631)

U should make it so that the turtles don't have the line in the back @DannyIsCoding

KrishyABob (7)

I will see your if you have replied to me in a couple hours, or tomorrow.

ElixirAlpha (12)

That is basically copied from what I did!

CodingGoose (697)

@PilotDevKarwa I swear I didn't copy any code. I didn't know you have made a turtle race too.