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Turkey Tag
Coder100 (18906)

Turkey Tag

You are a turkey... It is unknown what you do in the wilderness as the only time you are taken interest is when its thanksgiving! Humans are very hungry as there are no turkeys for sale because of COVID-19 (eligible countries only). You tried to discourage people, but it did not work. Your last plan? Escape!

Also I probably got the longest autogenerated repl name! (Imagine not using autogenerated repl names)

So anyways, use arrow keys or WASD to move, and don't get eaten!


It's thanksgiving and I'm bored. Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a long time since I made one of these games lol


  • You can now save eggs for extra score (if you can catch them)! Thanks to @Bookie0 and @ShivankChhaya!
  • You can now view different death messages! Thanks @maxyang


Send screenshots of your high scores to be on the leaderboard! My high score is 1. Can you beat me?


Have a great day!
Oh, and If you wouldn't mind, try out the Quicken editor

Whippingdot (675)

There is a glitch where it doesn't load the game. I had that 5 five times in a rowincluding now. This is the score I got while seeing an orange screen and nothing on it. I promise:

Coder100 (18906)

@Whippingdot oof :(
that's kinda strange, make sure the loading div on the bottom disappears

Whippingdot (675)

But can you believe it. 13 While basically closing my eyes. I will tell you if I get this glitch again. Oh, and also, I am addicted to this. @Coder100

Whippingdot (675)

Yeet, good luck for me cause I said that:


Coder100 (18906)

wow how do you guys even do this? @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (675)

I think the 500 was photoshop though. How do you get 500, like EXACTLY 500. @Coder100

MarcusLee (1)

@Whippingdot That happened to me, and I just figured that the humans caught the turkey immediatley.

Whippingdot (675)

I reached 50!!!! YAY. I got 50 cycles. @Coder100

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@Whippingdot 50 = romannumeral L. Why tho?

Hamburgr (18)

@Hamburgr this was not intentional lol

UCYT5040 (16)

People can cheat by using a bigger screen. Instead of zooming in, it enlarges the area for the player to run in. If I were to hook this up to a projector I would have a lot of space to play with.

I also got a high score.

OldWizard209 (1625)

Cool game but make an angry face on humans cuz they are hunting right??
very addictive game. @Coder100

Coder100 (18906)

lol fine I'll consider it
thanks! @abdullahrajput9

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

dude awesome job, i would not be surprised if you have a billion dollars when you grow up, your coding knowledge is just way beyond anyone i know

KobeFF (1272)

OMG help


KobeFF (1272)

@Coder100 just set nexttick to "0.1" and you'll die instantly lol

KobeFF (1272)


heppie tanksgibing!!



I got 26 points! I'm above rayaansom.

Orca20 (73)

lol it's funny when you spawn right next to the happy face.

MarcusLee (1)

My newest high score


after a long time...
and for proof that i didn't inspect, here is a picture

stupid high school blocking us from inspecting...

SeamusDonahue (458)

This is cool, nice job!

iocoder (164)

@Coder100 and i didn't cheat or anything


Edit: can u put me on the leaderboard?

Elliot1120 (1)

add me to leaderboard please. This game is good.

EDIT: don't judge me. i had to use my chromebook

Gr8est (39)

Put me on the leaderboard

biggerman (0)

I can't even see what I'm controlling! In my book, I would call that a minor glitch.

tankerguy1917 (179)

this is fun
i got 26
and i found that if you go diagonally, you move faster