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💵 Trillionaire 💵 - an idle game where you can become the world's first trillionaire!
OneCookieLeft (10)


Hi! This is an idle game I made during the school holidays (I'm 12). I haven't had time to add everything I had in mind, so I'll carry on updating the game, but it works and is fun (I hope) in its current state. I'd love to win the bitcoin because I could use it to fund loads of "CookieGames" projects I'd like to make reality.

Play The Game!

You can play Trillionaire here:
Or view the code here:

If you've got any suggestions it would be really helpful if you left them below in a comment :)

fishers14 (9)

Love to try but page doesn't work

emeralddragon (1)

there are a few bugs.
a)the tablet stays at level 1 visually
b)i just bought the smartphone thing and it started me at lvl 50

OneCookieLeft (10)

@emeralddragon thanks! I can't fix them until they've done the judging but now I know they're there I can fix them after the competition ends 🙂

emeralddragon (1)

@OneCookieLeft I still really like the game, gonna leave it overnight and see how much money i can get!!!!

minion3665 (9)

Hi pal! I'm 13. Nice game

mkhoi (318)

Hi pal! I'm 12 too!

OneCookieLeft (10)

@mkhoi Hi! Have you entered anything too? 🙂

mkhoi (318)

@OneCookieLeft Yes, i have. Its called the Wacky Warrior but its buried deep in the Challenge 😩

OneCookieLeft (10)

@mkhoi They're judging everything so you still have a chance. I tried to upvote it but I can't because the competition is closed. Good luck (:

timmy_i_chen (1152)

I love this. Nice website, by the way. :)