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Password Cracker(kinda)
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This is a password cracker I made. Right now it can only solve for number passwords. (So when it asks you if you want your number in letters or numbers, say numbers)But I'm still working on it and I'm next going to try making you be able to put in letter passwords.

I know this isn't as good as

's(sorry for ping) in really any way. But I tried adding some dialogue to make it more fun.

I know some of you might be thinking wElL ThiS iS s0me randOm person wIth <= 5 cyclEs They PrOBably just GeT tHe uSERS InPut aNd PrInT It. Well, if you chek the code i only use the users input ONCE to check whether or not it got the password.

Anyway, that's basically all I have to say, have fun with this(or just try to it's kinda boring rn ngl) So I'd put in small numbers so it doesn't take forever to solve it.

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yeah ill give you that