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Treasure Island Game
AleksandarManol (7)

A small fun game to find the treasure or else...

amy11 (0)

this is from a udemy course called 100 days of code

YEETMAN101 (5)

i got treasure my first try

DillanBowman (13)

great game! i especially love the fact to where you type in something random on the door decision it says you chose a door that doesn't exist!

angrydoge (464)

Hm. Basically the same as the other one except for he ASCII art. Now I get this was a part of a course or tutorial or whatever, but give credit and check if its already been posted.

BenjaminHannan (38)

I thik this has already been done

AleksandarManol (7)

@BenjaminHannan It is part of my course, hence why it is already been created.

JBloves27 (1725)

Could be because lots of people use it as beginner programs @BenjaminHannan