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Training || Maze Game v. 1
IcynDevz (763)

Training || Maze Game v. 1

note that this is not anything related to my Dungeon🔐Game
also note that I gave up on the Dungeon v. 2. bc I was making this
last thing: I will not give up on this project version 2. I promise you replers.


You're in training. You have 8 difficult levels that you need to pass in order to win the game.


Use WASD to move the cyan block(you).

w - move up

a - move left

s - move down

d - move right


- you

- a barrier (you can't get passed this)

^ - a spike (you will die💀 if you touch it)

- the door (you will go to the next level after you touch this)

I will add more such as lava, telelporting stuff(if I know how to do it), etc. in version 2.


All the people I want to credit are is my maze game post. But I could mention them again.

@RhinoRunner for the inspiration on his game Labyrinth (Check it out! :D)

@InvisibleOne for the printing map thing and the controls(I edited some stuff to make it so that the entire screen won't go brrrr)

The rest is by me, @IcynHackz


I hope you enjoyed this project! I put some effort in making it. So yeah!

One more note

Expect to see version 2 come at around late march or early april. Depends on how busy I'm am. But I promise I will post it before end of April.

That's it! Bye! 👋


Read this only if you want to see a little trick thing in the game
there is a fool spike in the game. Usually they are right next to to door. let's see if you can not get fooled by it! XD
RhinoRunner (732)

Im confused as to how I can just walk over a spike

RhinoRunner (732)

Also, this reminds me, i should probably start on Labyrinth 3

IcynDevz (763)

lol @RhinoRunner and yeah what you walked over is the fool spike.