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Trading game

Welcome to my trading game.

Object of the game: Get as much money as you can in one month.

How to play:
Choose your options by entering the corresponding number. You can do multiple actions per day, but the prices only change at the beginning of each day.

Thank you for playing! Upvote if you like this game! Comment on what more you would like and any questions you have!


Yes, there are questions. The actionBank field does not always reflect an adequate number of data, which are then quoted. It is very strange that this happens in the working code. It looks like some kind of mining and far from games. I was looking at the data through and got some weighty stats on offline games. Let's just say that if there are bots out there they are disrupting work without the player being present, but there are distinctive points - it works even if there are no trades. It doesn't happen that way in quality codes, and the Sell wood command doesn't always give the right command. It sometimes lags and ruins all the capital in the game.


Thank you for your feedback! This simulation is not supposed to be all that accurate. It is just a random fluctuation in price changes. I was just playing around in this project, and iI was trying to see if I could do something like this. I am not a professional programmer so my code is not quality. It is probably very inefficient. Thank you for pointing out the bugs in my code, it is extremely helpful. @HuerswaNaserta


Thanks for the information!


Of course! @Kaily12


This is so cool!