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Touhou Akamakyou (Touhou-styled HTML5 shooter game) (Incomplete)
No5972 (2)

A Touhou-styled shooter HTML5 game using Kaboom.js.

© 2021 No.5972 . MIT License.
This project is of 2ndary creation based on Touhou Koumakyou. Copyright of the material belongs to the original author.

There are only three stages currently. There's not enough time to design the danmaku of each boss, so the danmaku of each boss are the same currently.

  • Enter: Start
  • Arrow Keys (Hold): Move
  • X (Hold): Fire
  • C: Bomb
  • Z (Hold): Slow down and concentrate fire
ThanhTails (25)

An amazing Game.
Great job!
Although i haven't played Touhou before :)))