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Tic Tac Toe Validation in One Line
IMayBeMe (455)

One Line Tic Tac Toe Validation

Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares - Robert C. Martin

Well in that case it looks like I don't care :(

What more is there to say, this program checks a tic tac toe board(3 x 3 array) and returns True if someone won, or False if it is a draw. The only twist is that it is designed to be one unreadable line with an unhealthy amount of lambdas and list comps. Hope you find my beautiful code oops a typo, meant to say ugly cool.

You have no idea how long this took. Debugging is immposible
DynamicSquid (4891)

Nice lol! I'm trying to come up with a solution that would do it in less chars. Right now you have 563 characters.

IMayBeMe (455)

@DynamicSquid ooh nice, I would really like to see it if you come up with a shorter program!

DynamicSquid (4891)

@IMayBeMe here's how far I got:

I basically store the numbers of a row/column/diagonal in a set, and check if the set's length is equal to one.

This doesn't work too well because it still returns True for rows/columns/diagonals that have all 0's.

I'm thinking of adding something like this: {}.pop() == 1 so it will only for rows that have all 1's, but I'm not sure how to add it to my current code.

I'm also not that good with Python, so I don't know how to fit it all in one line!

I might revisit this another time :)

IMayBeMe (455)

@DynamicSquid nice! As far as returning true with zeros goes, it should as I just used zero to represent “o” which would still be a win for the player using zeros