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Three.js Particles - Falling Snow
tussiez (1645)

Three.js Particles - Falling Snow

I was trying to figure out how exactly I would implement weather into SortaCraft, and I gave up earlier since I thought I needed a complex particle system. However, I found out recently that Three.js already has a pretty simple particle system (THREE.Points), so I decided to use that, and test it here.

How to use

Use your mouse to look around (click and drag, or right click too), and mess with the snow using the controls. Press Update after making changes.

Please allow a few seconds for the textures to load.
EDIT: Why is this on Trending?!

DSAEvan (21)

Really cool! And the background is 3D! Did you use google maps?

tussiez (1645)

@DSAEvan Got a cubemap from OpenGameArt and set a cubetexture for the scene :) Thanks!

Baconman321 (1097)

How do you make the camera?

tussiez (1645)

@Baconman321 camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(fov,aspect,near,far)
fov = field of view, I like 60-70
aspect = aspect ratio, use "width/height" of canvas
near = near plane of camera, usually use .1
far = max render distance of camera, depends (Usually 500-1000) depends on your needs

EDIT:Dunno why it has a newline after new

Baconman321 (1097)

@tussiez Yeah but you can't move or anything (I used it when I tried out THREEJS).
Oh, I see you use orbital controls...

tussiez (1645)

@Baconman321 For controls, I use OrbitControls from (import with: import {OrbitControls} from (the link) and use with controls = new OrbitControls(camera,renderer.domElement)
That's about it

tussiez (1645)

@Baconman321 Didn't see your comment until after I wrote the othe r one lol

Baconman321 (1097)

@tussiez Yeah, it's pretty cool. I think threeJS isn't too hard until you go into the math required for some games...

FloCal35 (669)

Nice, this is awesome. Merry Christmas @tussiez

LingWu1 (94)

Tht is fast and why is there a green image of trees in smack center

tussiez (1645)

@LingWu1 It's a 3D demo, click and drag :D - that's a cube!

CyberHacker101 (126)

also, how did ya make it a 360-degree view?


Unitys paritcle system but customizable

SwaroopBappanad (243)

Cool! (lol I managed to crash my computer in a few seconds)